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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Price is Hours

I planned to tell you all about this on Thursday so that you could watch on Friday.  But when I turned on the TV yesterday morning in anticipation of World Cup soccer, there it was.  The episode of The Price is Right that featured moi sitting in the audience.  Way back in January when we were visiting sweet Claire in California, I talked my DIL into going (taking me to!) a taping of The Price is Right.  Okay, I admit that I am a country bumpkin.  DIL kept asking what we wanted to do when we came to LA and so I thought of getting tickets (they are free) to a taping.  It was quite the experience.  It took all day.  Really.  When you see those people in the audience remember that they have been waiting for six hours to get into the studio.
First it was an hour or more drive to get to the studio.  They give you a number when you arrive and you have to stay in numerical order.  My lucky number was 224.  They only have about 250 in the audience so we were near the end of the line.
This is the first waiting area.  They make your name tag.  (Yes, they write them all by hand).  Then they take your picture.  You can buy a copy later.
Two hours of waiting.  Then you go around the corner for another two hours of waiting.  You get up as a group and are interviewed and looked over.  I think the contestants are selected at that point.  You can also order a hamburger that will be delivered to you at the next waiting area.  Then it is on to the last waiting area and your hamburger.  Finally we get to go into the studio.  When you are in the studio you can't hear anything.  Everyone is shouting.  There is a guy whose sole job is to get the audience to be excited and yell.  You can't see anything except on a monitor.  There are cameras and people directing things and they are in the way.
Drew Carey is a saint.  He is relaxed and friendly and talks to the audience during the breaks.  I'm sitting next to a crazy person who keeps yelling "I love you Drew".  We are sitting a couple of rows behind the bidders.  It is funny seeing myself as I am about a head shorter even sitting down than my DIL.  You could tell who would be chosen as a contestant from the moment we got there.  There was a girl who was excited and dancing and waving her hands the entire waiting time.  Six hours.  She ended up winning the showcase by a mere $73.  What an experience!  Thanks for taking me Meagan.

I finished up the Edinburgh Reticule.  My tassel isn't perfect and I may remake it.  My pearl cotton has run off somewhere so I can't do it right now.

I have one side of one wing embroidered on the Summer Casket Butterfly.  Seven more to go.

I picked up the scissors fob to Shepherd's Fold.  Not much left to get this baby finished.



  1. What an experience! Who knew?!

  2. Lucky you, should've told us so we could look for you. I always wanted to go on that show...

  3. So much fun!! I've always wanted to go on that show!!