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Sunday, June 22, 2014

One Down

I finished off the carnation.  Now it  wasn't all easy sailing.  I put it together and didn't like how it looked so I took it apart, noting what I wanted to change and then I put it together a second time.  Now I'm happy.
This is what it looked like first time around:

I didn't like that the pouch showed at the sides and I didn't like the turn of the petals at the side, I wanted them to bend the other way.  So I tried again and this is the finished product.

I wasn't sure the bottom edge would be nice looking but it turned out fine.
I look at it now and can't believe I actually made it.  Happy Dance!
So I looked at what I have left to do on the other flower.  I put together the calyx and started the edging.
I decided to let myself put just a few stitches in the new kit.  To begin it is just satin stitching.  Easy Peasy.
But my goal today is to finish the Edinburgh Reticule.  I'm really very close.
I will stitch while soccer is on.


  1. The carnation is wonderful !!! Lot of work for a fabulous finish!!!

  2. Gorgeous carnation! WOW!!! I had no idea how it would look finished. That sure required a lot of work and you did a beautiful finishing of it. CONGRATS!!!
    The calyx looks so interesting and beautiful at the same time:)
    lovely progress. love Annette