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Monday, June 23, 2014

How To Waste Time

The best way to waste time is on the computer.  First you have to go to Pinterest and type in a subject.  It can lead you to all sorts of wonderful ideas and pictures.  I happen to go to Pinterest the other day and saw this:
Now at the moment I am very interested in beetles.  I am going to stitch Amy Mitten's Summer Casket Keepsakes Beetle.  I thought this beetle was very pretty.  Is it an antique?  Where is it from?  I showed this beetle to a friend.  She said she knew someone who made this and it is much larger than "life-size" and that it was a kit.
It is a kit?!?!?
 Okay so now I'm off and running.  It is a kit and I'm looking for it.  I am a woman on a mission.  I will find it.  Well, Google and I will find it.  So I google " beetle kit".  No, no not a Volkswagen Beetle.   I try Embroidered Beetle.  Could it be a Jane Nicholas creation?  Could it be  a Di Van Busquirk (or however you spell her name)?  No luck.  Okay, try Stumpwork Beetle.  Hey, there's the same photo!  There is an Etsy shop.  Yeah! Success!  I find the kit in an Etsy Shop.  I click buy before I even realize it comes from Australia.  Whatever.  It is being mailed to me tomorrow which is a whole other story.  We have cousins in Australia.  They moved.  I didn't know they moved when I sent them a Christmas Card early last December.  I got the card returned to me about two weeks ago.  So it took six months for the card to come back.  Six Months.  How long will it take for my beetle kit to arrive?  Who knows.


  1. What pinterst boards do you visit? I probably don't need anymore enabling ;)

  2. Time ago I saw this beetle too and tought it was lovely ! Great you found the kit, do you know if in the kit there are instructions too ??