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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Salty Trip - Day Two

I forgot to tell you yesterday that I got a couple of things at the little store of Downton related stuff.  I got a tea towel with teacups on it (cute) and I got a t-shirt.

Luckily Winterthur tickets are good for two days.  So we go to the information desk and ask for a Behind the Scenes Needlework Tour.  It takes a while to track down someone to do it and arrange a time.  We have a choice of one hour or two hour tour.  Of course we want the two hour.  But first we are going on a tour of the DuPont house.  I love seeing gorgeous old fancy houses.  We can take pictures too.

 It is amazing to see the rooms and all the stuff.  Many of the rooms have a theme.
 There are needlework items throughout our tour.

The house tour was great and it was fascinating to see all the opulence.
But the best is yet to come, the needlework tour.  So there is me, my BFF and a docent to show us the needlework.  We go to this storage room with large flat file drawers in the center of the room and storage along all the walls.  Oh my.  The docent opens every drawer and lets us look at the needlework inside.  Wow.  Unfortunately, I'm too short to see in the topmost drawers.  What we see is fabulous.  My favorite thing is the 17th century sweet bag.  Oh my.  I love all the pockets often worked in bargello patterns.  I see some tambour work.  I've read about it on Mary Corbet's blog so it is nice to see it in person.  We can't take photos.  Rats.  Then the docent takes us through many rooms that we did not see on the house tour to point out needlework.  Oh my.  It is a great experience to see all the needlework.  Wow.  I wish I had pictures to show you.
Then our day at Winterthur is not done.  We take the Garden Tour.  It is a fun ride around the grounds.

We've had a glorious day at Winterthur.  It was certainly worth seeing.

Time to go to Ocean City!  It is a two hour drive to Ocean City.  The traffic gets better as we go along.  We want to stop at Serendipity Quilts store.  It isn't too far from OC.  We manage to find it with help from somebody at a gas station.  But it's closed! Rats.  So on we go.  With only a couple of u-turns, we make it to the parking lot of The Lankford Hotel.  More tomorrow!


  1. Gorgeous!!! Love the DuPont House and the pretty garden tour at Winterhur!
    THANK YOU FOR SHARING! love Annette

  2. I have just checked on Google Maps - you sure had a long way to go for this adventure. I'm enjoying sharing it.