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Saturday, June 21, 2014


I finished the dreaded detached buttonhole stitch on the last petal of the carnation!  Happy Dance!

Today's goal is to finished putting the carnation together.  I put the drawstrings in the pouch.

 I read through all the instructions and they aren't too hard.  I can do this.  Here are my ingredients:

I have to cut away the petal from the couching thread.  This could take a while.

 I think someone mentioned using tweezers to get all the bits of thread out.  I did just a bit and I think my petal will even itself out after it is off the pattern.
Then I gather the petals up and join them with their partner.  OOh, I'm excited about finishing.  It will be so cute!

Mr. Mailman brought me my Summer Casket Keepsakes yesterday.  Yeah!  Another Happy Dance!  It is fantastic.  I love you Amy Mitten for making such nifty things for me to stitch.  Look at all the ingredients for this one:

New things to try!  A beautiful butterfly!  A cool beetle!
I am just the luckiest person ever!

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