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Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Salty Trip - Day Four

It is now Saturday.  I go down to walk on the boardwalk.

Stasi isn't there, but Grace is.  Grace and I decide that we will walk left today and see what is down there.  It is nice to have someone to chat with.  At home I walk by myself.  So I hear about Grace and it is very interesting.  Then Grace has had enough of all this walking and turns around.  I decide to walk further and as I get to the left end of the boardwalk, I see Stasi.  She has gotten up and walked at 6:30!  So I have someone to talk to on the way back to the hotel.  I'm wanting a hot breakfast today so Stasi tells me about the Dough Roller.  I walk down and have breakfast at the Dough Roller.  It is very busy as there is a kids sand soccer tournament nearby.  I order my regular eggs and juice and decide to splurge and add just a pancake or two, well, and some bacon.  I get this huge plate.  I can't begin to eat all of this.  I love breakfast and could eat it three times a day.  But there is a limit.
I get back to the hotel barely in time to get my stuff and get over to Sara's house.  Back to work!  We go through the directions for the Etui.  Betsy shows us how to make twisted cord.  We get out our doodle cloth and practise making a couple of stitches.  We also practice some long and short stitching that we will do on the padded flower.  I feel more confident doing long and short with Betsy's tips.  I finish off my crown pin cushion/thimble holder.  I know that if I made this again, I could do a much better job and make fewer mistakes.
Betsy tells us about visiting Holyroodhouse Palace and Edinburgh Castle and how it inspired the Elizabethan Etui and Reticule designs.  It all makes more sense now that I can see where the designs came from.

We are done with class earlier today and there is time for more shopping at Salty Yarns.  Then BFF and I decide to walk down the boardwalk.

It is much busier than it was at 7 a.m.!  We are looking for jewelry stores.  I want to get a mermaid necklace like Paola's.  We don't see anything like hers and we go in about 14 jewelry stores.  I run across a necklace I like and get it.  It's a souvenier.
BFF and I only know three places to eat here:  Thrasher's Fries, Alaska Stand and Piezano's.  Piezano's wins again.
There is a reception in the lobby for people going to tomorrow's class, the Elizabethan Reticule.  More goodies to munch on.  It is fun to sit in the lobby and eat and stitch.  I get to ask Betsy questions like what are your favorite scissors (jellies)  and what is your favorite light (ordinary lamp) and what are you working on (Hampton Court!  Me too!).
The boardwalk is hopping on a Saturday night.  Lots of college and high school kids.  Lots of questionable clothing choices and tattoos.
It's been another full day.  It is sad to think that tomorrow is our last day here.

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