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Friday, April 18, 2014

What YouTube Didn't Tell Me

I started the Jelly Roll Race quilt yesterday.  I was proud of myself when I got all the strips sewn together.  Wow, that is one humongous strip.

I tried to follow exactly what I saw on YouTube.  I took each strip as it came off of the jelly roll.  I sewed them in a consistent manner.  But what I discovered was that every other strip was sewn the wrong way.  The YouTube video didn't tell me about how to sew the strips together.  ARGH.  So I had to go back and take out the stitching and restitch the strip so that there was a right side and a wrong side on the entire strip.

So finally I was able to start the second strip sew-together.  This whole quilt was supposed to be very fast to stitch, like 45 minutes.  It took more than 45 minutes to correct my mistakes.  Let's hope it goes better from here.

I got all the couching done on one half of the carnation.  So then I started the detached buttonhole.  My challenge is to keep the stitches nice and even.   I think it will look better as I go along.  The cornflower has many smaller petals so it will be easier to stitch when I get it.

I ordered the frame for the birth announcement.  I think they usually send me a tracking number so I'll know when to expect it.
The weather is lovely today.  It is so nice to have a warm sunny day!


  1. Nothing can stop this girl!! You are always ahead!
    Have a very Happy Easter Amy!

  2. Hope your quilt gets easier.
    Great progress on the stitching front.