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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Fantastic Day - Part One

Friday didn't start out very fantastic.  When I got up it was raining hard.  So no walking this morning.

My hotel room was nice and I could see out the window that the traffic was very heavy.  Janet let me know that it would be good to get together this morning.  I replied that I would call her.  Our original plans for the day were to go to the Heidelberg Cafe and then onto our hostess Nancy's house for a stitch in with the designer.  BFF was fine with going to see Janet (Yes!!) before going to Nancy's.  I ask BFF to drive.  It was an edge of your seat drive in rush hour traffic in the rain to the Heidelberg Cafe.  I was discombobulated because I had misplaced my new expensive readers from Stitchville and I couldn't find the piece of paper I had noted Janet's address and phone number on. ARGH.  With Matilda's (GPS) help, we found the Cafe.

 Now BFF had read about this place 20 years ago in an airline magazine and always wanted to go there.  We found it.  It was a small but decorated building.  It opens at 8:30 so we were a few minutes early.  Even the trash bins are painted.

We tried the wrong door and it was locked. But then we saw a guy walk right in the other door.  So then we went in.  Oh my.  What an interesting place.  It's been around for a long time.  There are lots of food and gifts and German stuff inside.

Wow, I see a great assortment of cookies.  BFF finds a funny t-shirt but doesn't think her DH would wear it.
There are stools at a counter and we pick out some rolls for breakfast.  The girl working there, Tiffany, is so friendly and knows everyone by name.  BFF is interested in getting some Springerle cookie molds.  They have some in the display case and some on the wall that they actually use.

 This is one of the most prized molds and a sample Springerle.
I choose a German chocolate roll.  I tell her I just want one but each roll has two circles and only looks like two.  But then I get a pecan roll since it looks so good.  A meringue thing is very light and I want to try it.
My eyes are bigger than my stomach.  (DH:  Nobody's eyes are that big!)  The German chocolate roll is to die for.  The meringue is yummy.  I can only take a bite out of the pecan roll.  No, I'm not going to leave it.  I take it with me for later.  I get a piece of cherry strudel (I think that's what it is) to take to Janet.  I get two of every kind of cookie they have.  Maybe we can gift them to our hostess for the stitch-in lunch.    We put our names on the list to be contacted when Springerle is available, usually, only around the holidays.  We have a delightful time at the Heidelberg Cafe.
Now how do we get to Janet's?  I can't find that darn piece of paper with her information on it.  Phooey.  BFF says look at her website.  Then I remember that I can look at her email and it has the info on it.
So we call her and it is okay to go to her house.  (Yes!!!)
We are on our way with Matilda's help to Janet's house.  Tomorrow: Our visit with Janet.

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