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Monday, April 7, 2014

I'm Back

What a great time I had at Spring Fling!  So much fun and so many friends were there.  I made some new friends too.  I'll tell you about my trip in daily installments.  So. . . Last Thursday early in the morning DH took me to the airport.  Here is a photo of a piece of paper mache/wire sculpture at our airport.  I think this is called "You are Here".  It is by a local artist.  He has several other sculptures in the airport.
The plane was not delayed.  Yeah!  I got to Minneapolis early.  Yeah!  BFF picked me up at the airport. Yeah!   Things are going well.  It was early and stores weren't open yet.  We wanted to get some shopping in before the big storm got there.  So what to do?  Breakfast.  We went to the shopping center where Stitchville USA (my number one shopping destination) is.  There is a Panera nearby.  It was a delicious breakfast even though I ate more that I usually do.  Then onto Stitchville!
We were the only ones there and were able to look at everything and finds many new and nifty things.  I'm afraid I went nuts.  BFF talked me into a new pair of readers.  I love them.  They are a lot more than I usually pay but they are so light that I forget I have glasses on.  And BFF tells me that they are scratch resistant which is important for a klutz like me.  They have a small clear case that works well too.
I filled up two punch cards!  Don't tell DH.
It was wonderful to have such a selection of fabric to choose from.  I got threads I needed.  I got kits I wanted.  Such fun!  (I'll show you what I bought tomorrow)

Are we done shopping?  No of course not.
We went on to a fabric outlet that is called Fabric Outlet:
BFF had taken me there before and I knew that this place has the most amazing assortment of Duponi Silks (not counting Delectable Mountain which is in a class by itself).  Sorry for the blurry pictures but I wanted to show you the inside of this place as I've never seen anything like it.  This is just the silks!
 They have all kinds of other fabric too.  You mostly cut your own.  There are barrels of buttons.  Truly.

Are we done shopping?  No of course not.
We went onto a great quilt shop.
 Eagle Creek Quilt Shop is  in an old train station.  Very cool.

We found some great fabric for various projects.  I found the perfect fabric to finish "Sophia".  But I have to get final approval from DIL.  It would so much fun to live in this area and take their classes.  Lucky BFF.
Then BFF and I had a yummy lunch at Rocky Rococo.  I love pizza and I indulged and even had breadsticks.  This eating is getting out of hand.
Are we done shopping?  No of course not.
We hit Target for some snacks and found a couple cute things for Claire's Easter basket.  BFF gave me a wonderful basket for Claire's Easter basket.  She is so sweet.
The weather was deteriorating by this time.  So BFF took me to my hotel.  What a great day of shopping and eating!  I'll show you what I bought tomorrow.


  1. ooooh I just absolutely love your post. And the shopping??? My heart be still.
    You got to go to a needlework store. I swooned over the fabric outlet & duponi silks. What a fantastic day you had and you got to share it with your BFF.
    Looking so forward to hearing and seeing more of your trip.
    love Annette

  2. Welcome back. I have missed you. Thanks for sharing your trip in this way. Sure sounds as if the start was worry free!

  3. Had I only known about the fabric shop :). Maybe next time! My plane delayed 90 minutes at least; oh well

  4. Looks like you had a great time!
    Love the quilt shop.
    Can't wait to see what you bought. ;)

  5. Looking forward to hearing more, Amy!