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Thursday, April 17, 2014


The birth announcement is all done.  There is one spot that I wanted to put something.  But I couldn't find something to put there.

I found a starfish chart but I would have had to stitch it over one and it wasn't the same style of design.  I also have a red starfish charm I could put there but I'm just going to leave it blank and hope it looks okay.

  It will need a 7 by 14 inch frame which is not standard.  So I plan to order that today from American Frame.  They send stuff right away and the price is right.

I couched vintage metal thread yesterday on the Spring Casket Keepsake carnation.  The good news is that I'm almost done.  The bad news is that I have a whole other one to do.

 Once I get the metal thread couched there is more thread couched around the outside. Then I can do the detached buttonhole.  So I hope to finished the scaffolding for buttonhole stitches today.

Tidbit:  We saw a darling new design pocket from Cynthia (The Drawn Thread) at Spring Fling.  It is supposed to have a matching scissors case.  She is hoping to release it in May.  Put my name on the list, I want one!

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