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Thursday, April 10, 2014


Saturday, the main day of Spring Fling, is here.  I'm feeling a bit guilty as I have been indulging in all the great food and snacks.  I have a particular weakness for cashews.  There is a large snack table filled with good stuff just outside of the meeting room. I ate breakfast with some early risers.  We had such fun discussing the hot men of HGTV.  (Mary Ann, you are so funny!)  So I decide to go walking.  One of my goals this trip is to walk around the lake.  But the lake steps are roped off and there is snow and ice on the path.  So where to walk?  I decide to walk the long driveway and parking lots.

 It is rather cold but I am determined.  I get in about half my steps before going to get ready for class.
Again, that special moment when the kits are passed out.

It is packaged wonderfully in a cardboard envelope.  Be still my heart.  We have a choice between stitching a sampler or a pocket.  I pick the pocket.

We have whole skeins of silk to put on a thread holder.  There is some basting to be done and then we can start stitching.  Oh I love a day full of stitching and no other responsibilities except eating.  There are five of us at the table:  me, BFF, Janet, Joy and Sarah.  It is fun to talk as we stitch.
At lunch we can look out the big windows in the restaurant area to see that a wedding party is having their pictures taken out on the patio.  That poor bride is freezing in a strapless gown.  The bride and groom look too young to be getting married.  Are they still in high school?  All the groomsmen and bridesmaids have on high top tennis shoes.  The groomsmen have on electric blue vests (not my favorite).
Anyway back to stitching after lunch.  A name is picked out of a basket for a door prize.  Guess what!?!?  I win!  Look what I got:

A very nice zipper bag and scissors with a beautiful fob.  Wow.
I'm not getting very far in my stitching but it is not a race.
We have a dinner in a different room because of the wedding taking place.  Again the food is great.  I considered not eating dinner as I had so much for lunch.  Hah!  Too many good things to eat.  I especially liked the mini pineapple upside down cakes.  I think I had three of them.
After dinner a lot of the people left to go to Stitchville and shop.  There is a 20% discount on what we buy tonight.  But BFF and I have already been to Stitchville and spent too much.  We like to shop when it is not crowded.  So we stay and stitch.  It is interesting to see what stuff other people bought.
I'm a little sad knowing that this fun all ends tomorrow and we go back to our real lives.


  1. What a wonderful retreat!!

  2. Such a pretty project.
    You won a great prize!