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Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I worked just a bit on the Drawn Thread Spring Fling pocket.

The flap is done and I'm working my way across the back side of the pocket.  There are many different stitches.  I wanted the center shape to more resemble a heart so I cut off the corners by a stitch or two.  If I put in a couple of threads a day, I can make progress on this.

The goal today is to get the vintage metal thread all couched down for the carnation Casket Keepsake.

The mermaid is all stitched and I just have to finish the border and put in a few fish to call this done.  I hope to make good progress on this today.  I think this is cute.

I was dismayed to see snow this morning.  Snow is a four letter word. The sun has come out and the snow is mostly melted now.  I can see that the grass has turned from brown to green.  I was able to go walking outside for the last three days.  I haven't been able to do that because of the weather since last December or so.
I am looking forward to the end of next week.  BFF and I are going to two Lauren Sauer classes in Indiana.  It will be so fun.  I made it my goal this year to stitch Mistress L's Band Sampler after seeing Paola's.  It is quite a large project and will take a long time to stitch.


  1. Seeing how productive you are , the sampler will be completed in no
    time. You are just incredible!

    1. Friend of Amy's here, would love to check out your blog, can you send me the address? Thanks, Sarah