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Friday, April 11, 2014

Last Day of the Retreat

Now it is Sunday.  The last day.  It is only half a day really.  I decide to go walking before breakfast.  The snow has melted significantly.

That is the dawn reflected in the windows of the convention center:  I walk the driveway and explore some paths and end up down by the lake.  It is melted enough to walk for a while.  But Danger!  There is a dog!  (I'm afraid of dogs)  Luckily I stand still and he is not interested in me.  He's not on a leash but his owner is nearby.  Whew, I walk the other way from the dog.  My goal was to walk by the lake and I did it.  There is still a lot of ice on the lake.

Now my dilemma:  Do I eat breakfast or wait until 11 for brunch?   Son#1 and his fiancee are coming to eat brunch with me.  You know the answer, I'll eat both!  I try the oatmeal.  It says it is Vegan Oatmeal.  Isn't all oatmeal vegan?  There are four toppings for the oatmeal.  Cinnamon and sugar, brown sugar, ground flax seed and mixed dried fruit.  I can't decide so I put on all four.  Next time, I'd leave out the cinnamon and sugar.
People are preparing to leave.  Suitcases are being rolled down the hallway.  Some have even checked out already.  Oh, I don't want this to be over.

We go to the meeting room for one last day.  Cynthia is there and volunteers to sign charts for whoever wants her to.

 Lots of pictures are taken.
 This is Cynthia with three people BFF talked into coming to Spring Fling.  I know they had a good time.

I can't stitch.  I'm too excited.
Son#1 and fiancee arrive.  We eat a great brunch.  The waffles are the best I've ever had and they are small so I don't even feel guilty.  The Amaretto Turtle Trifle dessert is absolutely fantastic.
It's time to leave.  Son#1 is taking me to the airport.  I had a fantastic time.  Usually, Deb announces the designer for next year's Spring Fling on Sunday but it is not inked yet so we have to wait to hear who it is going to be.
I am so lucky to have gone to Spring Fling.


  1. I'm so pleased you had a good time. I do like the retreat projects.

    Don't you eat at home!? :) If you're enjoying yourself ... why not!

    Have a good weekend.

  2. It was a wonderful weekend and it went by too fast. Can't wait for next year!