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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Drawn Thread Day 26

Today's finish is a small one.  I don't know why but this one took me forever to start.  It was something about the specialty stitches in the tree trunk.  But It turned out nicely.  I haven't done anything with it - yet.
I went to Hobby Lobby this morning looking for fabric to finish the commission pillow.  I looked yesterday at a fabric store but didn't find anything.  I bought two fabrics.

 One I like and one my DIL will like.  I have to think about this and ask DIL.  Maybe we can combine the two.

I can do the cording in one fabric and the pillow parts in the other.

I got one tower on Hampton Court all done.  I'm learning about working with metal threads.  It is better to cut them a hair short than a bit long.  But I think it looks okay.  I'd like to get the other tower done today.
But with my big finish of Along the River James, I felt I could start about 6 other things. LOL.  I was feeling guilty for not making something for the new grandnephew and I ran across the perfect design for him.  A little boy fishing with a dog in the boat.

Too cute.  It is an old Birds of a Feather design.  So I started that.  I got a kit in the mail and I couldn't resist starting that too.  Then I was looking for something to work on on my trip. Heaven forbid I should be without something to stitch for a day.
I am so excited about going to Spring Fling and shopping at Stitchville and staying at the hotel and seeing my friends.  I'm going to start packing today.  Yes, I'm going to wear my crazy shoes.


  1. The crazy stitching shoes are coming ...hooray!

  2. Spent 11 hours in a car with a friend to go to Stitchville USA. It was worth it! If you can, go to Eagle Creek Quilt Shop. A cool cool store.

  3. très joli broderie
    bravo pour ce blog ou je me suis baladée avec plaisir :o)

  4. Pretty DT, I have that one in my "to do" pile. :)
    Hampton Court is looking good.
    Either fabric will be pretty for the pillow.

  5. I love your fabric choice...I think it would be real pretty using both fabrics! Who is the designer of the alphabet? I love the letters. I just had my first granddaughter, Emily, and I would love to stitch her name with those letters for a pillow for her room...thank you!