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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Last Friday

Okay, so when BFF took me back to my hotel it had started snowing and sleeting.  But I didn't care as I had stuff to eat from Target and all my purchases to look over.  I had a great room too.  It was on the top floor and I could look out over the roof of the hotel.   I could kind of tell how much snow we had by the build up on the roof.

 It had a little kitchen area which was handy.  It was a big room.
This is what the roof looked like in the morning.  Nine inches of snow.  The roads were a mess.

So BFF and I decided not to attempt to drive until noon.  So I had all morning to peruse my new stuff and stitch.
Here is some of the stuff I got.
New glasses:

 A frame for Windswept:
New fabric for Shepherd's Fold.  I don't like overdyed as it is too soft and floppy.  I also hate splotchy fabric.  So I got two fabrics that would go well with the color of the box.

 I got other fabric too since Stitchville has a great selection:

 I got three The Heart's Content kits and a Tokens and Trifles card:
I got The Common Thread.  I liked all the different motifs but didn't get the thread pack (yet?):
I also got some Stitcher's Lotion and a bunch of threads.  BFF and I are going to a class in two weeks and we needed some threads for the special project the teacher is designing for us.  Cool.
Then here are the Dupioni silks we bought for lining various stitching projects:

 At Eagle Creek we both got those special applique scissors with very sharp tips and fabric and towels:

These towels can be embroidered.  They had samples at the store that were darling.
I got new fabric for Sophia:

So when BFF picked me up we went out to lunch at Doolittle's.  I been there many times and they have great food.  It always smells great there since they have that big spit roasting about 40 chickens over a wood fire.  Then we hit a couple of places like this:

 It is mostly a yarn store but it had a Gentle Arts floss that I needed.  There was a gem/jewelry store next door that we enjoyed too.
Then it was time!  Time to drive out to Oak Ridge Hotel and Convention Center!  We timed it perfectly and got there at 3.

 This is the lobby:

 We saw friends as we came in the door.  Oh, yes, this is going to be fun!  I even ran into Cynthia Zittel - and she remembered me from Celebrations a few years ago!
Boy, does Stitchville run a great retreat.  Each room had a welcome gift in it for us:
In the bag are delicious caramels.  Yes, that bird candle holder is for us to take home.  The tube is a toothbrush.
I love a room with a window seat:
 My view:
Then it is time for the retreat to start.
We get another gift:

 It is a great project bag with hand lotion and a case that can hold small scissors.  That isn't all!  (this is like Christmas!)  At each place at the table is this:

A wood tray that has a magnetic needle holder and pin cushion with a couple of pins in it, a small flower arrangement and a set of two decorative towels.  Each of us has a bottle of water too.  How lucky are we to be there?
More tomorrow. . . .


  1. I enjoy your reports and all the photos you are sharing.
    The heart's content is also one of my favorite designer.....I've stitched the Ming flower pot and just received Spring sachet kit.
    Can't wait to read more from you.

  2. What a great start to your trip report! So glad you could go. :)

  3. WOW! What a special start to a special weekend!

  4. What a wonderful adventure you embarked on! Looking forward to reading more about your Stitchville weekend! Would love to know more about the readers you picked up!

    Robin in Virginia

  5. I think I've only looked at your post like 3 times today. WOW First of all the frame you got for Windswept couldn't of have been more prefect - Gorgeous!
    Beautiful stash you brought home & for and wonderful gifts from the retreat.
    Oh I am so enjoying all your Fabulous photos of your trip. your new readers are so pretty:) Looking forward to your next post:)
    love Annette

  6. Looks like a fantastic time!
    They really know how to spoil a gal, huh?
    You had a nice room, and ALL of your stash is wonderful.
    Love the readers. :)

  7. Looks like a wonderful start to your retreat. Great photos.