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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Drawn Thread Day 27

Today is the last day of the Drawn Thread Show as I leave early tomorrow for Minneapolis.  The weather in Minneapolis is supposed to be very bad.  I'm hoping that is misses the city entirely.  Bad weather would put a serious kink in our shopping plans.  Today's finish isn't finished.  It is a freebie that I stitched.

Cathy has hers made into a floss tag.  That's what I should do too.  I have a few more Drawn Thread finishes.

I know I have made at least three of the monthly checkbook holder things but this is the only one I could find.

I put some backstitch into the Spring Casket Keepsakes.

 These should be easy as they are small.  But I'm finding them challenging.  Now I've gone rogue on them.  I stitched the wrong colors on one of them and didn't take it out (being the wild and crazy woman that I am).  Then I deliberately stitched with some Hand Dyed Fibers on one side of the other one just to see if a slightly different color would be easier to see.  Not really.

With overdyed fibers you run the risk of lines.  I was stitching in a basketweave pattern and I got some diagonal lines.  But the other side stitched in called for colors has some lines too.

DH found these for me at the grocery store.  They aren't ice cream creations but just cookies.

DIL likes the combo of the fabrics I got yesterday so I need to finish the pillow.
I'll be back next week with tales of my travels and treats.


  1. Amy - I have enjoyed following your Drawn Thread projects over the past month. It puts me to shame. :) I will be at the retreat as well, so hope to see you there. I believe that Cathy mentioned you will be coming to Indiana for one of our offerings here. Best Stitches ~ Sue

  2. Safe travels Amy. See you Friday!

  3. Love all of your DT pieces, thanks for sharing them.
    Have fun in MN! Take pics!

  4. Have loved the Drawn Thread journey. Have fun at the retreat.