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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Within Reach

My SBB order has been shipped!  The order only took 40 days!  Anyway, it could come in the mail today.  I better get busy and finish that Sugar Plum Fairy Stocking.  I worked hard on her yesterday.  I was a little bit afraid because I had to embroider her face.  The face is a make-it/break-it deal.  If it looks good everything is fine but if it looks bad, the stocking is ruined.  It turned out okay.  If I were to do it again, I would make her eyelashes with only one strand of floss.  I put a braid in her hair and I like it.  I left off the pearls that were supposed to be wound around the hair as I didn't think they were needed.  So she is close to being done.  If I worked on her all day, I could finish her.  
I have been making good progress on the finishing of Vierlande Winders' Keeper.  I lined the pocket and attached it to the main piece.  Now I have to line the main piece.  The time consuming part will be all the eyelets.  There are 24 of them.  I like how it is looking though, nice and neat.
I got the Newsletter yesterday about the Cabinet of Curiosities class.  There was an estimate of how much the casket is projected to cost.  I was shocked but not deterred.  I am very excited about this class.  I've always wanted to stitch a casket.  It begins in less than a month.  
A week from today I will be shopping at the Mall of America.


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