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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Day One

I'm here in Minneapolis. It takes eleven hours to drive from where I live to get here and you have drive through Chicago. Or you can fly and it takes just an hour and four minutes. Flying is the only way to go! On the plane I worked on a kit I got in the mail yesterday. It is by a new designer, The Purple Thread. I got three of her kits. I just love getting complete kits that have everything you need in one little baggie. I really like the kit but I do have some whining to do. The colors are completely different than the picture. Worse though, is the fact that I ran out of two of the three colors of floss in the kit. I did as much as I could. Luckily I brought several more things to work on. Minneapolis is a huge airport. Just as I got to the baggage carousel, my bag, my bag was coming around. Great! Then I found where to get the shuttle to the hotel - with only a slight detour. The hotel is fine and there are two restaurants right next door. The hotel is in a great location as I can walk to the Mall of America or take the shuttle. I took the shuttle over as I knew I would be walking a lot inside the mall. It is easy to get lost in there. I only spent an hour and a quarter at the mall but bought two things I had been wanting. My favorite shampoo (exciting!) and a macaron. I sometimes read a blog called Paris Breakfasts and she is always raving about the French pastries. So I wanted to try a macaron. The mall has place called Pardon My French and they have some beautiful pastries - and macarons. Yum. My feet were killing me after an hour but I didn't want to wait 40 minutes for the shuttle so I walked back to the hotel.
I ate dinner at one of the restaurants having some pot stickers which I love ( and I'm hoping they love me too).
My BFF is coming by this morning and we are going shopping again. I may have to buy some comfortable walking shoes.

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  1. Welcome to Minnesota Amy! Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow!