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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Travel Day

I am very excited.  I''m trying not to forget anything this time.  My suitcase is mostly packed.  I am taking my crazy shoes.  I got some shoes for Christmas and have never worn them out anywhere.  We'll see if I am brave enough.  I went to step class and exercised hard as I will miss the next three days of classes.
I took the Bay of Evil kit out of the curio and untied the door  so I could fix it ( it was upside down).  It was easy to take apart.  I am sewing the pocket right way round now with a curved needle.  Those curved needles are always a challenge.

I checked the Amy Mitten site yesterday and some more lessons were posted.  I decided to finish the pinball as the finishing seemed straightforward.  I love it!  It looks just like it is supposed to look.  It is filled with crushed walnut shells.  I've never used them before but I like the weight it gives the pinball.  Some pincushions are so light weight when they are stuffed with polyester that you could blow them away.  I read through the instructions for the edging on the main piece and was almost overwhelmed.  Will I be able to do it and have it look nice?  My clamp that I ordered is in the mail but I haven't received it yet.  It is needed to make the woven edging.  I am feeling more confident as I mull over the instructions.  I love that I am learning new and challenging techniques with this piece.  I really want to learn how to make the drawstrings with the cute little balls on the end.
I need to kit up a couple of things before I leave.  I'm taking my iPad so I might be able to post while I'm away.
This is going to be fun!