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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day Four

This the the dining room where we eat all our meals.
There are two fellow bloggers at this table.
Now we are at Saturday, the main day of the retreat.  Every body meets in the meeting room. Several people have read my blog and are looking for my crazy shoes.  So I had to wear them. Now I'm not so embarrassed to wear them again.  There are some people who haven't started stitching and some people who are done stitching.  So the done people go to a different room to finish their project and mount it on the sewing stand.  I have stitched all I could stitch at home so I am in the finishing group.  First we have to put the pincushion on the mounting disc.  It is not an easy task to get it just right.  We are using roving to stuff it.  The roving is rolled like a cinnamon bun but there is too much roving and some has to be cut off.  So it is a trial and error exercise.  Finally I get it so that I like it.  Some make theirs much more perfect than mine - no little pleats along the edge.  I'm not a perfectionist and I think it looks fine.  I attach the various screws, pegs and discs.  When I think I am done, Deb points out that mine is mounted upside down.  ARGH.  So I take it apart and put it right side up.  Ta-Da! I am done.  I put my pinkeep together but I am going to take it apart when I get home and scallop the edges of the felt needle page.

So I go back to the main room and start stitching on other stuff I have brought.  Thea asks me to take a picture with my completed piece (and tells me not to smile so hard - I have a tendency to do that).  Anyway, then she gives me a prize!
It is a  pin with British Colombian Jade.  Wow, it seems I am the first one done!  I am greatly honored.  Thea has a CD of directions on stitching and finishing this chart.  We watch some of it.  We are off to dinner which is delicious as always and I am still full from lunch.  We just stitch and stitch all evening.  A lot of people go to Stitchville to shop but we already did that on Thursday.  It is so fun to see stuff that other stitchers have made and brought with them.

There is a table in the back of the room with all the Victoria Sampler projects that people have finished.  I brought two things.
What could be a more fun day?  To stitch to your heart's content - and then stitch some more!


  1. It was a very fun time. I was glad to meet you even if I didn't spend a lot of time visiting with you. You have stitched wonderful things and I am glad I got to see some of them in person. Hope to see you next year:)


  2. Congratulations on winning "prize for first" Amy. I am so pleased you had a great time and found lots of fun and inspiration with fellow stitchers.