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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Winder Keeper

I made my first of eight winders' keeper.  I folded up eight one inch by two inch pieces of black vellum and stuck them together with one of the stitched pieces inside.  Ta Da!  I desperately want to glue it or somehow ensure that it stays together.  One way is to wind some thread around it.  It feels a little unstable.  Of course I had a few mistakes where I folded it the wrong way and it didn't fit together correctly.  This is the tool for making a good crisp folded edge.

I was very happy to get the edging done!  This puppy is almost done.  What's left?  The drawstring bobbles and balls.  I can't believe I am so close to finishing.  Wow.

 That snag in the thread didn't turn out too badly.  It is on the backside and I may mess with it a bit to make it less noticeable.

  I like how the edging joined together.  I was expecting a big knot that you try and hide on the inside.  But there is no knot, just a slight thickness where it joins.  I have to look for it so it isn't very noticeable either.

Maybe I'll have it done enough to take a photo of the totally finished project tomorrow.

I worked some on the Bookmark.  I need to fill in all the stitches before I will let myself go on to page two of the chart.  I took an up close:

and a farther away photo:

just to see if it looks better from a distance.  What do you think?


  1. Amy! Your Amy Mitten piece is gorgeous! I've yet to put a needle into mine, been busy working on the pre-stitching for the Merry Cox class. Great job.

  2. Well done - your progress through this masterpiece has been amazing.

  3. Can I ask whether you stitched your Winders Keeper in the black threads supplied? Yours look blue. It's very pretty!