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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April Flakes

There are snowflakes in the air today.  Nobody is glad to see them.  We thought spring was here.

I have 9 eyelets done.  Good progress.  Only (!) 15 to go.  They just take time and I have to use my magnifier to get them right.  They are also best done in daylight.  I always use my Ott lamp but daylight really helps.  I want to get up to 12  today.  Half way round.

I have been working a bit on Mr. Snowman.  I am not used to working with such stark, garish colors of floss.  I'm sure they will look fine but it is a whole different style than I usually do.  I think it will be bright and cheery when I get it done.
The French pouch is coming along slowly.
I looked at the website of the place we are staying for Spring Fling.  Wow, it is nice.  Oak Ridge Hotel and Convention Center.  It is by a lake and has walking trails.  This is going to be fun.  I did a bunch of ironing this morning.  I'll pack tomorrow morning.  My plane doesn't leave till 4 p.m.
Dylan and I had a great time yesterday.  We had some extra time as he didn't have speech therapy.  We left the planted seeds in the window in the mentor room.  I hope they don't get too dried out by next Tuesday.  I don't get back from my trip in time to see him on Monday so I am going on Tuesday.  Chances are there will be other kids and mentors in the room.  We are quite spoiled as we have the room to ourselves on Mondays.  Dylan wants to make smoothies again but I think that will be too disruptive to the others in the room.  Maybe I'll take him a Mango Smoothie instead.
Lots to do to get ready for my trip.

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  1. Amy, have a lovely time at Spring Fling. I look forward to lots of photos on your return.