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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Five Down

Happy Easter!  This holiday is so much more fun with little kids and marshmallow rabbits and a new dress to wear to church.
I put two books on my iPad and I just finished reading one called Guts by the actress Kristen Johnston.  I meant to save it to read on my trip but I just kept reading until the end.  I enjoyed it.  She is very funny even though it is about her addiction.  I appreciate her honesty.
I got five eyelets done!  Wow!  Only nineteen more to go.  ARGH.  I hope they start to look neater and neater as I go along.  I got the stitches about memorized now.

I started the Mr. Snowman stocking.  I made several mistakes and had to reverse stitch a bit.  So not a glorious beginning.  I think he will be very cute when he is done.
I made it my aim to get to the bottom edge of the French pouch.  I'm not sure I have linen wide enough to do the whole design.  How's that for planning ahead?  So I guess I will work my way over to the far side, fold it in half and see if I will have enough to finish.  Duh.

The zebra cake was very rich and delicious.  It is three layers of chocolate and white cake with two kinds of icing.  Yum.  I also made some chocolate covered strawberries.  They were good too.  At our friend's house, she and I played with our new iPads and I learned some stuff from her.  She has some great apps.  One of them can tell you what music is played and who did it and the lyrics.  I've got a lot to learn about my iPad.
Lunch is calling me.

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