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Friday, April 6, 2012


That's what I am doing today - finishing.  I am sewing the front and back of the Sugar Plum Fairy Stocking together.  The artist Jack Beal would call this a fruit salad design.  So busy, so much stuff appliqued on.  I'm not really happy with where the cupcake design is supposed to be.  On the pattern it hangs off of one of the sequins at the top with a cord.  I think I will sew it on some how, trying not to block some of the other appliques.  I'm really glad to have this done.  Cross stitch is my first love and embroidering felt is way down the list of things I like to do.
I sewed another side of the Vierlande Winders' Keeper to the lining.  It is going slowly because of the way that it is stitched.  You go under two backstitches and then pick up a few threads of the lining, skipping a backstitch, then repeat.  It looks very neat and even when you are done.  It is just hard to see the backstitches that are your guide since the thread is the same color as the fabric.  I have to really concentrate.

I got another order in the mail yesterday.  It was the chart from France for the pouch.  The pattern calls for 40 count linen.  I have never stitched on 40 count.  I'm afraid of it.  But two designers, Sherri Jones (Patrick's Woods) and Theresa Venette (Shakespeare's Peddler), both say 40 count is their favorite to stitch on.  So since I happen to have some 40 count, decided to just try it.  I only had time last night to do a small flower but it wasn't that bad!  It looks very delicate and I like that.

I finished the little design that I was trying out threads for.  I think it is adorable.  I was working on 30 count instead of the 28 called for (and included in the kit).

I went to the bakery this morning.  It was very busy with Easter orders.  I saw a cake I wanted to try.  It is called Zebra cake.  We are going to friends tomorrow and I might take it for dessert.  Yum.

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