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Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Rainy Saturday Morning

Today it is raining and dreary.  I went to Pilates.  I am sore from all the exercise classes this week.  I have been steadily working on the edging for the Vierlande Winders' Keeper.  I'm getting close to the end.  I have one side of the edging to go, one more mini soccer ball and a bobble on the drawstrings and oh yeah, eight thread winders to make.  On the edging I am getting ever closer to the snag in the thread.  I'm crossing my fingers that it will not show or that the edging is finished before I get to it.

I made it to the left edge on the Bookmark.  I discovered I needed one more color of floss so I stopped by Michael's on the way back from Pilates.  I stopped by the bakery and got buns and a donut.  I fear I have undone all my work in exercise class.

I worked just a bit on the French pouch that is on 40 count.

 It was feeling neglected.  I have many more neglected pieces to get back to.  Poor Mr. Snowman.  I saw a sweet Drawn Thread chart, Give Peace a Chance, on Giovanna's site.

  She said it was a digital download.  So I tried to find it on the Drawn Thread site.  Couldn't find it so I Googled it and it led me right to it. Two dollars and I had it in my hand.  I love digital downloads.

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