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Monday, April 2, 2012

Lovely Monday

I typed in the title to this post and this silly IPad changed it to "Loveless Monday". This is a very nice Monday although I will miss seeing Dylan today as it is spring vacation for the schools in this area. It doesn't seem like I got much done yesterday. I put in all the back stitching needed on the Vierlande Winders' Keeper and cut apart several more pieces. I need to iron them and fold under the edges then I will be ready. One of these days it is going to be like Christmas when all the stuff that I have ordered arrives. I got the Sugar Plum Fairy's legs all sorted out. My cording looks better than the pattern picture. I've had a lot of practice making cording although I still can't make it as nice as Sherri Jones does. I'm going to take the cord maker I bought to Spring Fling and see if someone knows how to use it and can show me. Next to put on is a string of pearls across the bottom of the skirt. I am up to felt piece number 78. Two more stitching retreats are on my mind. Shepherd's Bush is going to post their retreat information today. I want to see who the other designers are that will be there. I would still like to go even though I have taken a class with Teri and Tina. Then a friend said she was going to a New England Stitcher's Retreat at the Enfield Shaker Museum in October. I looked at the project and I am tempted! Too many fun things to spend money on! I think I am going to make some French Onion soup today as that sounds good to me. A


  1. My oh my, there is a lot of work in that Sugar Plum Fairy!. You are making good progress

  2. Just 9 days, 16 hours...but who is counting!

    I have drooled over the Enfield retreat too. I like the project from Primitive Traditions. And someday I will go to Shepherd's Bush...if only I had won that lottery last Friday!