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Saturday, April 7, 2012


I totally finished Claire's Sugar Plum Fairy Stocking.  Well, not really totally.  I want to line it.  That would make it much nicer.  It is pretty easy to line a stocking.  I've finished so many stockings I could do it in my sleep.  I just have to find the right material.  I'd really like to line it with dupioni silk but that seems a little too fancy for a felt stocking.  I'll have to go digging and see what I have.  Boy am I glad to be done with that thing.
Now I have to make another stocking.  The  Mr. Snowman stocking.  I'm going to decided between them when I get Mr. Snowman done. 
I got some finishing lessons done for the Vierlande Winders' Keeper.  The bottom is on and the center flip up is lined. 

 I am putting blanket stitching around the felt needle keeper that goes under the center flip up.  I am using tiger tape.  

I had never heard of Tiger Tape until the Home Sweet Home etui called for it.  I found it at the local fabric store.  I tried putting some nine lines to the inch tape as a guide to making my buttonhole stitches even.  It works very well.  

As I am the Queen of Overkill, I also have some tape that is printed like a tape measure so I could have used that as well.  I love having the right tools.  Next up are the dreaded eyelets.

I got some more done on the French pouch.  I am not having any trouble at all with stitching on 40 count.  Of course I am going over two.  It would probably be a different story if I were going over 1.
I may start Mr. Snowman today.  
Only four people in pilates.  We had fun trying some stuff on the bosu thing.
I'm am very good, there is no Easter candy in the house, I've eaten it all.

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  1. Your Amy Mitten project is coming along nicely! Have a Happy Easter. Will see you in about six days!