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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Last Day of Retreat

Sunday was the last day of the retreat.  A few more people finished their project.  Thea signed books and we took a group picture.  Thea was going to talk about her design process.  I wanted to hear that but she never got around to it.
We had brunch at the retreat center and then took off.  We went to Jeri's house and I got to see her wonderful stitching.  I was amazed.  She and my BFF have been going to stitching classes for nearly 25 years and have a beautiful collection of fabulous stitching.  I was inspired!  I know the work that goes into these projects.  Several things made me think, "I have that pattern, I should stitch it because it looks beautiful all done".
I met up with Son#1 and we went out for dinner amid tornado warnings and dark skies.  I got to see his new furniture and reframed pictures at his house.  But boy was I tired!  This busy weekend was catching up with me.
Things I learned from this trip:
1.  My BFF knows the best places to shop.
2.  Traffic in the Minneapolis area is terrible.
3.  One hour in the Mall of America can poop you out.
4.  Oak Ridge Hotel and Conference Center is a great place to have a retreat.
5.  Getting together with other stitches is fun and inspiring.
6.  The peach iced tea at TGI Fridays is yummy - and so are the pot stickers.
7.  The Minneapolis area is more than huge.  My BFF kept me informed of the name of the suburb we were in and the names of the rivers we crossed and recrossed.
8.  I want to go back - especially to Oak Ridge, Stillwater and Stitchville USA.
9. Spring Fling was very fun and very worth the cost.


  1. I am glad you had such a great time here in Minnesota. Stitchville puts on a great retreat
    and I hope you can make it again next year.
    Happy Stitching:)

  2. Sounds like you had a great time Amy. Hope you recover from your tiredness quickly

  3. Hi Amy, I am a follower of your blog now. It was so great meeting you this past weekend. The retreat was awesome! I enjoyed reading your posts about the retreat.