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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Two Birds

I went digging for a couple of small bird patterns and when I found them I just had to try them out to see how they looked. I put the bigger bird on the front cover and the smaller one on the back. I am going to add an "A" to the back for the birdie to look at. There are a few more part to stitch for this class but they all involve nuns stitches to begin.
I finished Vierlande Winders Keeper just in time for the release of the Part Two. There is probably some basting/backstitching I still need to do but for right now I am done. All twelve large pentagons are done. It will be fun stitching these together and seeing what it looks like. I am antsy to finish it.
My order from SBB is being "packed for shipping"! Yeah! It really was exactly a month. But maybe I am talking too soon as I haven't received it yet.
Where in the world is A's IPad? It is fun checking the tracking number to see where it is. The cover arrived yesterday. It came via China, Hong Kong, Japan, Alaska and Tennessee. My IPad has traveled from China directly to Alaska. It can't be long now.
So I messed around with the birds yesterday and didn't get much accomplished on the Sugar Plum Fairy Stocking. I'll work on the tree today. I want to iron Vierlande as it has been scrunched in my hand for a couple of months.

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