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Saturday, March 3, 2012


My goal to start over on stitching the June Retreat project began well. It went pretty fast and I was nearly (within two stitches) done with the border vine when I realized I goofed somewhere and I was two stitches off. So the first order of business was to find out where I was off. It turns out that I made a mistake and need to take out one third of the vine border. Boy, was I discouraged! It is really hard to take out stitching over one on 35 count. So then I thought, maybe I would have to take out less if I went back to the original piece and tried to fix it. This is not a hard stitch. Why I keep making mistakes, I don't know. But I am determined to finally get it right somehow. I soldier on.
I have gotten back into Cutting for Stone. It is a good book - just long. Once I pick it up, I want to keep reading.
We had rain yesterday and it was warm. Right now it is snowing. Crazy weather. Luckily we missed all the tornadoes.
I made up one of my Christmas presents last night. I got a Pumpkin cupcake mix by Sprinkles from Son#2 and DIL. The cupcakes taste kind of like muffins but were very good. I felt a bit guilty as I know there was a whole stick of butter in them. They were supposed to have cream cheese icing but I didn't have any cream cheese and they were fine just plain. I could make some vanilla icing if I want.
Well, back to "reverse stitching".

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  1. Oh dear. Reverse stitching is so frustrating. I do hope you managed to fix the problem.