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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I'm trying to get back to stitching and get something done besides messing with this new toy. I'm learning lots about it though. Yesterday I put a book on it. It is so cool to be able to read on it. You can adjust the font size so it is easy to see. I had to find a book that wasn't already in a stack somewhere here so I chose "Defending Jacob". I read the first few pages and I think it will be a good read.
I finished the needle book to Mountain Flowers. It sure feels good to finish something. This project had been lying around for a while so now I can put it away. I have a magazine holder that I stick used charts in. It is kind of overflowing.
I appliqu├ęd the lollipop onto the Sugar Plum Fairy stocking and started the chain stitching on a gingerbread girl. I had it all chain stitched but then discovered that I should have used two strands of floss so I had to take it out and start over. The felt suffers when you take out stitching but I hope it will look okay when I'm done.
I got the gate done on the Bay of Evil kit. I'm still not sure if it is too dark or not. I really don't like it on 28 count. I'd like to try it on 32 count but there are so many other things I want to stitch. We'll see.

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  1. My goodness Amy, you have been busy! Congratulations on the Mountain Flowers finish.Sugar Plum Fairy is coming along well - you have preparations for Christmas well underway. ha ha
    Have a great day