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Monday, March 12, 2012

Rainy Monday

It is rainy today but that is okay because it is so warm. It truly feels like spring. We even have a crocus blooming. The bathrooms are clean. I'm going to take the birdhouses for Dylan and me to paint today. I think it will take us a few weeks to get them done. First we have to give them a base coat. I want to really glam mine up with lots of decorations. I don't imagine Dylan will want to do a lot. But we can paint for a little bit and then play a game. I think he will like that.
I'm hoping I get one of my stocking patterns in the mail today. Like I need a new thing to start on.
I worked on Vierlande Winders Keeper yesterday but it seems to go so slowly. My goal is to work hard on the middle piece that will form the pockets. It is about a third done and I'd like to finish it.
I started the nun stitches on the second class for the June Retreat. How exciting! Not. If I do a few a day, it will add up and not seem never ending. I think I want to take a water soluble pen and draw the oval on the needlebook then embroider the feather stitches evenly on the line. After that, I'll add some lazy daisy flowers to it.
I picked up a bag off the floor and was reminded that I never stitched the matching needlebook to Mountain Flowers. Of course, I didn't like the design like it was so I am changing it. I'm a little worried that it is not centered. But then I would have to actually count it out to know. I will probably have to take out a side or two to fix it. I just needed a break from Vierlande and that's what I picked up.
I ordered some Nashville stuff from SBB on February 23rd. I'm hoping the stuff shows up by March 23. It always takes at least a month. Hey in a month I'll be shopping at the Mall of America in preparation for Spring Fling. Fun!

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