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Sunday, March 18, 2012


I made the cupcakes yesterday and they were fabulous. They tasted like they came from a store specializing in cupcakes. Now I know how those stores can make them so good. When you take a Devil's Food cake mix and add a cup of sour cream, oil, 3 eggs, buttermilk and a little water, it tastes great and moist. Add a little chocolate ganache on top. Yum. Then top that off with cream cheese frosting. I hate to think how many calories these have in them. DH ate two but scraped off the cream cheese frosting first. If he only knew the bad stuff in the actual cake part!
I worked on the Vierlande Winders Keeper inserts yesterday. There are 16 of these suckers. The hardest part is the backstitching around each one in thread that is the same color as the linen. Impossible to see! I kept making mistakes. Off a thread here, one too high there. ARGH. I finally finished all the backstitching for them. Stitching the little design in each one will be easy. But then I have gobs of pentagons to backstitch. I'm getting out the magnifying glass.
I got good progress done on the Sugar Plum Fairy stocking yesterday. Mostly I was avoiding working on the inserts. I am close to getting the cuff all done. I am going to applique the two little gingerbread men on today. That only leaves a candy cane and the cuff will be done.
I started reading a new book. I bought it after reading a review of it in USA Today. It is about two women who go to teach school in rural Colorado in 1916. Non-fiction even, that's unusual for me.


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  1. Hello

    Just found your blog.

    Those cup cakes look delicious.

    Your stocking looks great and I'm curious to see more of your other project.

    Hope you enjoy your book.

    Happy stitching.