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Friday, March 30, 2012

Rainy day

Things never turn out the way you think they will. I went off to Step/Sculpt class today only to find that the teacher was sick and there was no sub. It is spring vacation for the schools around here so parking at the Y was easy. So I drove back home and got busy finishing the Bay of Evil kit. I got all the stitching done last night. I love that all the finishing supplies are in the kit although I am changing some stuff along the way. You are suppose to glue (!) the linen to poster board. Well I added some thermolam to the front of the poster board and laced it on. I also interfaced the pages. This can be done done today.
I figured out how to send the photos from my IPad to this blog but I only know how to do just one at a time and it makes a whole new posting. I am still learning how to use this thing.
I am working on a couple of cupcakes and a candy cane for the Sugar Plum Fairy stocking. My goal for today is to finish all the candy along the bottom of the stocking.
I have high hopes that I will get something that I ordered in the mail. Since I have about five things ordered, it could happen! I am not happy with SBB as it has been five weeks now and the site has said "your order is being packed for shipping" for a week. ARGH.
Time goes so fast, I cap'n hardly believe that it is Friday - again!

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