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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I saw Dylan yesterday. I found out why he wasn't at school the week before. He had been on a trip up north to visit a step brother who is incarcerated. I took Dylan some of the candy that Margaret sent. He was quite delighted, especially with the chocolate bunny. We put on the base coat on our birdhouses. I took him a cupcake. He ate two bites. I don't think he liked the mint flavoring in the ganache. Then he threw the rest away. He said he was full. That never stops me. I was watching to see if he would try the cream cheese frosting and he did. After we meet, he goes to the speech teacher who is next door to the mentoring room. He dictated a note and his speech teacher typed it up and printed it out. It is the nicest note I've ever gotten. It made me cry it was so sweet. This is the nicest kid in the world.
I stitched my initials on the Vierlande Winders Keeper. I must start the pentagons today. Can you tell that I am dreading it?
I finished stitching the front of the needlebook for the second class of the June Retreat. Now I'm working on the back. It will probably turn out better than the front. I stitched it while watching Dancing with the Stars. I love that show. The "stars" are especially good this season.
I forgot to tell you the name of the book I am reading. It is called "Nothing Daunted". I can't really tell yet if it is good as I have only read the introduction.
The cover to my new IPad is being shipped this week. Too bad the IPad won't be here for weeks. Hey, Happy Spring!


  1. You're right Amy, Dylan is a great kid. How wonderful that he expressed his sincere thanks. That letter should become a family heirloom! Happy stitching today.

  2. Wow, what a wonderful note! I can understand why you were so touched by it!
    Your initials look fabulous - can't wait to see your continued progress.