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Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I counted the small pentagons on the Vierlande Winders Keeper and there are 24. They are pretty easy and I have the stitches memorized after backstitching 12 of them. So the goal today is to stitch the other 12 and get them all done. Then tomorrow (or later today!) I can start the larger pentagons. I'm sure these will be very nifty when they are all stitched together. I am not sure of the directions. Are we supposed to have a 4 inch tail of floss hanging off each and every pentagon when they are all stitched? Or is that 4 inch tail for securely finishing off the floss on each pentagon? I'm not sure. I'm leaving a tail on mine just in case I need it and if I don't need it, I'll clip it. They get in the way though so I have to be careful.
I made great progress on the Sugar Plum Fairy stocking. The cuff is all finished and I am working on the tree. I want to get the tree all sequined and appliqued today. I'm on felt piece number 27.
I read some of Nothing Daunted. Kinda boring. Reading at 4:30 in the afternoon, I tend to fall asleep.
We are supposed to have a new high temperature today - 85 degrees. Wow, it is summer weather. It would be nice to have a couple of screens in so we could open the windows and enjoy this warm weather and a breeze.
I saw where this is the year for the Shepherd's Bush Retreat. I've been to a class with Teri and Tina but not in Utah. We'll see.
Time to get to work.

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