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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I forgot to tell you - Dylan got a haircut! He doesn't like being mistaken for a girl so this is very good. I was very surprised when I went to pick him up at the classroom on Monday. I almost didn't recognize him.
When I ordered the frames I had to change what frame I was ordering since the one I wanted was discontinued as well as the mat color that I wanted. Like Son #1 says, you have to be flexible. So when I got the frames yesterday, I wasn't thrilled with the one for Claire's birth announcement. I tried the other frame that I got for B My Valentine on it instead and I like that way better. So I am switching frames. Framing Claire's birth announcement is my goal for today. If I can get it sent off too I get extra points for being good. Can you tell which one I chose?
I stitched one of the two pin cushions for the June Retreat. It is quite small but very sweet. Only two things left to stitch, the other pin cushion and the basket of fruit for a needlebook.
I think I can finish the Spring Fling pin cushion today if I buckle down and do all the beading.
It is an absolutely gorgeous day here. No coat needed. We are going to grill again because we can!


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  1. Hi Amy, I think you chose the second frame - the one with the gold colour inner edge ??? We have a cold wet day here so maybe our weather has swapped places. All the best for good stitching and framing today