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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Where in the world is A's IPad? Right here in A's lap! I'm typing on it right now. I'm just getting used to using it and getting it set up. I've lots more things to download. This morning I've watched the first episode of Downton Abby. I sure can waste a lot of time with this thing.
I finished stitching my name on the inside cover of Mountain Flowers. I wanted to try this font that I downloaded of my name to see if I like it. It is kind of modern and a scriptlike. I wonder if I have any of the lining material left from the pouch for finishing the needle book. I'll have to go looking.
I'm almost done with all the nun stitch I have to do on the second class of the June Retreat.
Dylan and I painted yesterday. Dylan finished his birdhouse and took it home. He put some fingerprint birds on it and was happy with how it turned out. He tried and liked the haystacks. He smelled them first and wanted to know if they had peanuts in them. I assured him it was just peanutbutter and he took a bite. He said they tasted like fudge.
Not very much stitching took place yesterday but lots of playing with my new toy. I'm going to take a photo with it and see if I can post it here. Well, I can't figure out how to get my photos here. The IPad takes wonderful photos. We'll have to work on it.
I went back to see if I was wrong about the Veirlande Winders Keeper being posted on the 25th. Amy Mitten's newsletter says she was going to start sending out the Lesson Two kits starting on the 25th.
Still waiting for my SBB order. Maybe today?

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