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Monday, March 5, 2012


I had a great meal out to eat yesterday and brought home enough for tonight too. Of course, I had a root beer float for dessert. :) (I don't know how to put those smiley faces in)
I got to see Claire in her hat. It fit fine. But you don't really need a hat in California when it is 72 degrees. Although Son#2 and DIL think it is winter. Hah, they don't know what winter is. We barely know as this has been the warmest winter almost ever. We are supposed to have five 50 degree days this week. I'm not complaining! It is great. A picture of Claire in her hat is supposed to be sent and I'll post it when I get it.
I'm going to book my flights to Spring Fling and the June Retreat today. That means I'm really going! It is fun to have something to look forward to.
I worked mostly on the June Retreat piece. I got all the flowers in and I restitched the basket full of fruit - and it is now centered. I had to make the handles of the basket smaller so it wouldn't run into my name. I also graphed out the words I want to put on the right side. I just have to check that they fit before I start stitching. The designer put her age (!) on hers. No way I'm doing that. So the top is nearly done. I really should start the stitching on Spring Fling as that retreat comes up in the middle of April.
I go see Dylan in about an hour. Last week I forgot to ask him if he wants to paint a birdhouse. I'll ask him today. I found out last week that he hates hot dogs. I was really surprised.
I'd like to try and paint a box like the Elsie DiCassio one I just got. The boxes cost like 99 cents. Maybe I'll stop by Michael's or Hobby Lobby to get one and try it.
I am itching to order some stuff. We'll see if I can resist or not.

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