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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tomorrow is Another Day

Sister Anthonita used to say "Tomorrow is another day". I've come to love that expression. I've also come to realize that things look better in the morning. That is what I have decided about the gate for the Bay of Evil kit. I tried the color of floss called for and in the light of morning it looks fine. I nun stitched the pages/pocket for the inside. I think I can finish this today.
I looked for some very small designs to put in the tiny rectangles of the second class of the June Retreat. I have four of six done. I don't like the flower one (the stem is too dark) but I'm not sure I'll change it.
The Sugar Plum Fairy stocking is coming along. I wonder how far I could get if I worked on it all day. I want to get to the Fairy part. I'm on piece 48 now out of at least 110.
In a weak and ornery moment, I ordered the pouch chart from France. It's the one David did on David's Cottage Down the Hill blog. I was just checking to see if I could order stuff from my IPad. Yep, I can.
I was shocked to learn that the tool I ordered from Amy Mitten to make the cording/braid, she actually makes them herself! She is very clever. I am looking forward to meeting her in person when I take a class from her in May through our guild. I'm not really a sampler person but I wanted meet her. The best thing about the project we are doing ("Mute but not Silent") is that it has a windmill on it. We should get pre-stitching kits in a couple of weeks.



  1. Lovely stitching. I always look towrs the next day as a chance to start fresh

  2. Tomorrow will be a better day for sure...which guild do you belong to Amy?