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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sequins and Motifs

I have only one more motif and the Vierlande Winders Keepers pocket is done. It is always a worry that when you work around in a circle, will your stitching match up or have you made a mistake along the way? Luckily it is matching up. Then on to smaller parts. 10 days to get it all stitched before part two comes out.
I put some sequins on the Sugar Plum Fairy stocking. I plan to put some more on today. I'm still working on step one.
The other stocking pattern did't come in the mail yet.
When I saw the Mystery Mansion Etui by Amy Mitten on my friend Jenny's blog, I was reminded of a photo I took while I was at the Winchester Mystery House. It is of one of a lovely stained glass window. I thought of turning it into a painting or stitching project. So I put the photo in my ProStitch program to see what I could do with it. I wish I knew how to work this program. There must be tutorials somewhere. The ones on their site are useless. Anyway, I did make a chart of it. It has too many colors but I don't know how to cut down the colors. I would like somebody who knows what they are doing to come over to my house and help me fix this chart! I should see if there are any YouTube videos on how to use this program.
I'm on to sewing on red sequins.

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