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Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Monday

Monday, Monday was a Mamas and Papas song when I was in high school. I bought that record with some of my corn detasseling (my first job besides babysitting) money. But I digress.
I finished up all sixteen of those blasted winder inserts for the Amy Mitten Vierlande Winders Keeper. I then started on the bottom piece. I read the directions(!) trying to find where we are supposed to put our initials. I love the initials, as I love anything with a crown on it. I've started my "A". I know I should start the pentagons next.
I made good progress on the Sugar Plum Fairy Stocking. I'm up to piece 17 through 24.
I tried out some french knots on the second class of the June Retreat. I like them. I'm using two strands of Secondhand Rose and the french knots look like roses. I'm thinking of putting the bird from my Singing to the Moon box in the center of the oval. I'll have to check the size and see if it will work.
I also took out the border on the Mountain Flowers needlebook and replaced it with a long arm cross stitch. I like it.
I am looking forward to seeing Dylan today. Hopefully, he will be at school and we can start on our birdhouses. He also wanted to play around with Ed Emberley's fingerprint book. I'm taking him one of my cupcakes. Will he eat it? There is a high probability since it is chocolate. I'm also taking him some of the candy Margaret sent. He'll love that.
We ordered it!!! I will soon be the owner of a brand new IPad 3. The delivery date is April 16 - the day I get back from Spring Fling. I got a black one and it is being engraved too.
I'm a lucky duck!

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