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Sunday, March 4, 2012


Today is a special day. It is my anniversary. I'm almost embarrassed to say which anniversary as you will know I am very old. But it means I get to go out to eat tonight.
I got it right! I spent all day working on the June Retreat piece. I took out more stitching than I care to remember and I restitched that doggone border and it met up at the end. Yeah! So I am back working on the original linen. It was really hard to take out those rococo stitches - and it will be a pain to put them back in. I hope I don't run out of thread. There seems to be plenty. I can substitute if I have to. I used a different thread (one of my premium hand-dyed silk flosses) for the crowns. Crowns ought to be gold, don't you think?
I just barely started another part of the Vierlande Winders Keeper. I have three weeks to get the rest done. I'm wondering if I really have to baste or backstitch around all of the pieces. I detest basting as it usually is a big waste of time. But if you really need it during construction, then I understand and it is worth it. I'll have to read carefully through the directions and see if I can figure out whether I need to or not.
It is still snowing outside but fortunately it is above freezing and it isn't sticking. This is a photo from my computer room window. I wish you could see the flakes coming down.
Have a great Sunday!

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  1. Happy Anniversary! Enjoy your dinner out. Congratulations on successful reverse stitching - no mean feat on such fine linen.