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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tomorrow's Another Day

I was not at all well yesterday. I'm a bit better today. I never take naps but I took one yesterday. I feel a little bit better today but I'm taking it easy. I'm just going to sit in my stitching chair and watch TV and stitch and read. What a hard day!

I only stitched one more row on B My Valentine. If I can get some momentum going today, I could finish it.
A picture of me and Dylan was requested so we got one yesterday. Dylan is such a nice kid. I found something he likes to eat!!! I got a Pizza Hut personal pan pizza for him. I was going to get two, one for me and one for him. But since I was feeling poorly I only got one. He liked it and he ate it. It's a miracle. Unfortunately, my goal was to find something that was more healthy than the school's crappy lunch. This really isn't as it is probably high in fat and salt. But it was so good. Dylan shared it with me. He's like that. I tried to show him how to do a Sudoku, but he was not that interested. We did a couple of boxes but he just wanted to play a game. Dylan is very good with numbers. He could tell with just a glance at the clock that we had 19 minutes left. That's better than other kids I have mentored. They have no clue. He can locate on a map of the world where we live. Also better than other kids I know. One of these days I'm going to see if he knows the continents. I got the latest book of the Wimpy Kid series, Cabin Fever, and I'm going to read some to him every week.
As the picture shows, I'm taller than a third grader.

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