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Thursday, January 19, 2012


Yes, I was brave this morning. Even though it was very snowy I went to aerobics class. While I was there, three inches of snow piled up on my car. I made it back home fine and am going to stay nice and cozy for the rest of the day.
I had a wonderful mail day yesterday. The darling cardigan that my friend Margaret's HDHBEM made for Claire arrived. But in the package were some things for me! A tangerine chocolate bar (one of my favorite things is orange flavored chocolate, how did she know!?!), a sheepy bookmark and an embroidered hankerchief. Thank you Margaret for all the nice gifts. You are too sweet to me!
I finished the Claire pillow. It seems like it took a long time but I only found our her name ten days ago. I used to finish needlework for a local shop and have made tons of pillows but I haven't made a pillow for several years. It was like riding a bicycle to make this pillow. It went together well and I am happy with how it turned out.
We got our webcam yesterday and hooked it up. We tried it out with son#1 and he helped us work out the kinks. Right now the webcam is sitting on top of a Kleenex box. DH is going to make a small shelf for it to sit on. I'm not sure I know how to initiate a video call. I'm want to try it out with my sister.
I spent way too much time yesterday choosing a hotel and making reservations for our trip to see Claire. We are going in two weeks. So today I am going to stitch like crazy.
I put interfacing on the back of the door/scissors pocket of Winter's Cottage to give it more stiffness and protect the back if you actually put scissors in it. Just have to stitch the corner decorations and I sew it on. I don't really understand the sewing on directions as the diagram doesn't really show how to do it. Do you go through loops on the door edge and then loops on the nun stitch rectangle? I going to have to work that out.



  1. Claire's pillow is gorgeous! What a lucky girl. Enjoy your trip and give Claire a hug for me!