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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Compare and Contrast

That was a dreaded question in English class: compare and contrast two pieces of literature. Luckily, I don't have to do that any more. Although I would be much better at it now than I was then.
I did the border of the inside of Winter's Cottage in two different ways. On one side I did the called for cross stitch over one (top square). On the other side(bottom square) I tried a variation of long armed cross. I like the long arm cross better. It can be seen more easily as going over two threads makes it larger and darker plus I like the woven braided look of it. I am thinking of doing a four-sided stitch on the edge of the "house of needles" as right now I don't feel like facing hours of nun stitch over nun stitch. In fact I got out another project to work on as this one was driving me crazy. But I'm almost done! I should finish!
I worked a bit on the BAP. I am close to finishing the first page. This is very slow going as well but I enjoy it more. It is kind of fun to fill in the "blanks".
My goal for today is to finish the Claire pillow since I have the backing fabric. I don't know if I have enough stuffing but I'll go get more if I need to.
I am wondering about blog etiquette. Is one supposed to reply to all comments left on one's blog? I wanted to let people who leave comments on my blog know that the comments are sent to my email and I receive and read all of them and appreciate all of them too. Thanks!


  1. Hi Amy, I love the way you are prepared to experiment and deviate from the designers instructions. Although I sometimes do that I am not too adventurous. Perhaps I will follow your lead on this one though?! As to the comments question I think strict etiquette probably says reply to all but I don't practice what I preach on that one. Have a great day.

    1. Amy, I like the darker border as well. On the Townhouse Case which is very similar, Gay Ann uses a plaited stitch for the inside border.