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Monday, January 23, 2012

Moody Monday

It is rainy and overcast today and I don't feel that great. I'm not even done with the bathrooms yet. But the sun will come out your bottom dollar.
I worked on B My Valentine and got a few more rows done. Four rows to go. It is sweet. I have found several mistakes in the chart. The "N" and the "T" are charted in the same color but on the sample they are not the same color. Too late now!
We had a nice visit with Claire and son#2 on the webcam. It works great. DH even admitted that it is a more intimate and dynamic way to talk and he had his doubts since he doesn't like to have his photo taken or be on camera. Claire's cousin was there visiting. She is 17 months old. I read her a book and showed her the dog I made. It was so cute. She blows kisses. I recorded the Goodnight Moon book. We go in 11 days.
I am gradually getting the snow done on the inside corners of Winter's Cottage. I want to attach the door scissors pocket soon. A lot of my problem with this project is the fabric I am using. Yuk. When you stitch, you want it to look nice and neat. This is a rumpled mess. I noticed the difference after starting B My Valentine and enjoying it soooo much more.
I was looking at the half done tape measure cover and wondering to myself, what is the hang-up? Why aren't you finishing this? You were dying for this book to get here so you could make it and now it sits. Well, I replied to myself, it is that strawberry. I don't want to use the waste canvas. So that means working on 40 count, which I have never done. Try it, you might like it, I said to myself. At least just do a queen stitch and see what it looks like and if it is really a PITA.
I read some more in Death Comes to Pemberley. A lot of red herrings are thrown in.
Looking forward to seeing Dylan today.

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