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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Of a Tuesday

Well, Joe did finally stop by - for about three minutes - to say he would be back today to put in the tile. So maybe . . .
I finished off the little white flower. A few stitches are not quite at the right angle but it is a good try and since it is for the bottom of the tape measure cover, I think it is fine.
I worked on Winter's Cottage. My goals today are to finished off the back of the cottage and to totally finish the smocked dress. I have two or so rows to smock and then I can get busy hemming.
Today Stitching Tour of the Sewing Room's Unfinished Drawer includes a garden design. As I look at it I wonder what that "SGW" is. Is it the designer's initials? Oh, I know. It says "sow" with an"o" that is like a "6". Plant, sow, garden. There is a lovely white design with pearls. It would be a great on a round wooden box top but the design is so close to the edge that I don't know if I can mount it on a board. There are three little flower designs that would be cute for something.
On Mary Corbet's blog Needle 'n Thread, there is a giveaway for the 12 days of Christmas. I'm entering almost all of them. I've never won anything but maybe I'll get lucky in 2012.
I like when the days get back to normal. Stores are open. Mail is delivered. We ended up getting 9 inches of snow but around here that isn't that much. On average we get 72 inches a year. And that's why I would like to live in Santa Barbara, California where the weather is beautiful everyday except when you go to a wedding there and it is 105 degrees.


  1. Oh the snow! Shall I send you some summer? The tape measure flower looks wonderful as does Winter Cottage. Will we see a snowy box top soon I wonder?? Have a great day

  2. Hi Amy, I once stitched something too close to the edge and a friend said you can: 1) withdraw one linen thread a couple of linen threads away from the edge of your stitching (you do this on all 4 sides). Then 2). add a rotary cut strip of quilt fabric you like to match the stitching and with right sides together, use your sewing machine to stitch "in the ditch" you created when you withdrew your linen thread, leaving a 1/4" seam on the quilt fabric strip. 3) sew a total of 4 rotary cut strips on, but do it in the sequence of top and bottom first, then trim linen seam allowance down to 1/4", then iron the strips and linen piece so that the seam allowances are both folded onto the quilt fabric on the back, then sew on the side rotary cut strips and repeat the trimming/ironing of those seam allowances. Viola! You have a stiched piece that is perfectly centered within the quilt strips due to having withdrawn the linen threads and having stitched exactly within the ditch. And it is bordered by pretty fabric for framming or to use as a quilt block. You can do the same thing but add strips of linen, or add muslin so that you can pull it over foam core board and have enough to mount your piece, covering the muslin with your matt board for framing.