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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Butterflies Are Free

Here is my first design using my new software. I didn't really design anything. You put in a photo and it turns it into a chart. You can specify what size you want the chart to be. I haven't figured out how to change the chart yet. I wanted to make the antennae backstitch but I don't know how to do that. It would be fun to see how it turns out. I think if you click on the chart it gets bigger and you can right click and save it to your computer.
We got our first video of Claire today. It is so fun to wake up and go check the computer to see if any new pictures have been posted. It is only 28 seconds long but I love it!
I'm still working on "Claire". Yesterday was kind of a crazy day. Joe showed up and buffed the floor and we were able to put back the stove and fridge and table. Things are slowly getting back to normal. He still has the trim boards to do around the door and the floor. I think it looks nice.
Now we can sell this place and move. Not really. The mud room needs major painting and new carpet or tile. DH has convinced me to get rid of our piano. So more projects but not for a while!!!
The Stitching Tour of the Sewing Room's Unfinished Drawer continues with three more Shepherd's Bush designs, a tiny heart and two samplers. What to do with them?
Well miracles do happen. DH is off to get a whooping cough shot.

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  1. Whoopee! The kitchen floor is done. I am so happy for you. Claire's name pillow is coming along well. Congratulations on the new design.