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Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Finish

I finished up the Drawn Thread December Calendar cover. It turned out fine. I originally stitched the smoke coming out of the chimney in gray but it didn't show up very well so I went back and stitched over it in white. Now you can see it better. I put on the beads and that topped it off. I need to find a piece of fabric to line it with and then I can finish-finish it. So what to do now? Well, I know I should go back and finish that darn Winter's Cottage. I put in some of the sparkly corners last night. I have to go back and add the "snow". I am changing the stitches and have been thinking of how to do that. I think eyelets will do it. Of course I have to try out a couple to see how they look.
I put a few more stitches in the BAP. It sure takes a lot of time to do a few stitches. An hour's work looks like nothing.
I'm hoping my Drawn Thread order comes today. That would be great. Otherwise I might be tempted to start something else. I have Victoria Sampler's Ort container all ready to go. I may just have to put a stitch or two in it.
I was surprised to read that Elegant Stitch is going back to being an internet only shop. I admit I used to really look forward to their postings on a Friday. But then they got few and far between. They do have good service when you order something. Way faster than SBB.
Looks like a great Saturday.

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